My Journal: The worlds first Diamond Bluetooth Headset

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The worlds first Diamond Bluetooth Headset

Motorola has teamed up with luxury custom mobile phone creator Alexander Amosu, to produce the world’s first real gold and diamond Bluetooth headset - the Diamond MOTOPURE H12.
This extremely limited edition headset is made from 18K gold and features over 180 brilliant cut diamonds, a total of 3.47 carats. The headset is comes with the choice between white or yellow 18k gold and with the added option to customise with white, pink or even black diamonds.
The headset will come in a half loaded and fully loaded version priced at £4,000 (approximately RM27, 145) and £6,250 (approximately RM42, 414) respectively. Can’t afford the headset but want to take a look at it? Head on to and look for the headset section. You can also see other luxury phone models there.
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