My Journal: SURF WITH U

Monday, March 17, 2008


Al-Hamdullilah, I've managed to complete all the task that need to submit by today. So,nak hilangkan penat, browse lah internet and found out about 'U Mobile'. U Mobile had launched their first commercial product called as Surf with U. Yang menariknya, pakej mobile broadband nie berharga RM78 sebulan and comes with HSDPA modem (3.6 wireless internet connection). WOW!!!! Pada saya harganya murah, if compare to Celcom broadband yg package fee nya berharga RM98 sebulan tapi kena beli HSDPA modem pada harga RM599. Tapi so far, selama 2 bulan melanggan Celcom broadband, saya tak pernah mengalami sebarang masalah ...

Log on to for info more about Surf with U.

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