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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Statutory Declaration

Another piece of information from RPK.

Info from blogger: I Am Malaysian

We’ve had a fair share of high-profile SDs this year, especially more so in the last couple of months. This newest one is from the doctor who produced the medical report/note/piece of paper that got widely circulated on the Internet just not too long ago.

He has since made a Statutory Declaration in which, among other things, relates to the best of his memory what actually transpired in the hospital when Saiful went to see him, and that he knows nothing of how his medical report was leaked

The PDF file can be found HERE

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Michelle said...


I don't really mind it, but if you copy posts from my blog, I would appreciate it if you could credit the post back to me.


nurulad said...

Dear Michelle

I’m sorry. I’ve amended the post by embedded the link to your blog.