My Journal: New technology superior to WIFI developed in Australia

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New technology superior to WIFI developed in Australia

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A new wireless technology being called GiFi which is being touted as faster and better than WiFi has been developed in Australia. Researchers at Melbourne University in Australia who worked on this technology say that GiFI can go as fast as 5 GB per second within a range of around 10 meters. In contrast the commonly adopted 802.11g variety of WiFi offers way slower data transfers at around 22 MB per second.
The blazing new speeds that GiFi is capable of will make it possible to transfer large multimedia files to a device in mere seconds.
The chip which is made using CMOS (complementary semi oxide conductor) technology, measures 5mm square. It only uses less than 2 watts of power to run with its 1mm wide antenna. GiFi has another advantage over WiFi implementations because it operates on a 60 GHz frequency band which is a typically little used wireless spectrum.
GiFi will not be ready until 2009 however for use in wireless networks. However, the developers are exploring using it earlier to allow connectivity between consumer goods.

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